Cases & Projects
These are some of my favourite projects. Cases that tell a story. Added in, are some peeks from behind the scenes in some of the projects I've done.
Ask me about any of these and I'll tell you about them with a smile on my face.
Portrait Photography Packages
In collaboration with: Martin Hols
Project description
Any setting,  any location, any number of people. We offer packages for portrait photography that fit any wish. Our mobile studio can be set up anywhere and with a smile and a laugh, we will make sure the entire faculty, team or company is send home with a fresh new picture that they feel good about, by the end of the day.
Zarzo, Sun & Valenzia  -  by Zarzo
Client: Eindhovens Rondje / Zarzo

When Eindhovens Rondje started with a new social plan for Zarzo, they asked me to shoot the content they needed to fill the social media platforms of all three of the high end restaurants. Zarzo, the michelin star of the three, had to feel luxurious and mysterious. Sun had to be light and fresh and Valenzia had to feel colourful, warm and welcoming.
During a one day shoot, I went all out on shooting the right content, all three restaurants with their own style and feeling.
            Sun by Zarzo
Valenzia by Zarzo         
Pinkie Patisserie
Client: Pinkie Patisserie
For Judith and Ruud, I shot a diverse set of images, capturing their patisserie in every aspect. From front to back end, from production to consumption and everything in between. Continously keeping an eye on their brand image and making the images tell the right story.
Travel & Landscape

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